Simple things

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Author Fabejaques
Tags action author:fabejaques bitesized playable rated
Created 2007-01-03
by 16 people.
Map Data

Description This map is very easy if you don't go for the gold.
All gold makes the level hard but still very possible.
The drones get out of sync pretty quickly but it takes a fair while for them to get too chaotic. At first this annoyed me but I guess it's kinda of good, makes the level get harder as you take longer.
All gold demos shouldn't be too hard, I wouldn't say it'd take more than a couple of tries.

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Demo Data
I love this map, it's so simply designed but such a good design and so much fun!


apg, that is one godly demo!
Thankyou all for all the positive feedback for this map. I never thought I'd see so many 5s on such a simple non-flashy map!


this is all i got. sorry.
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keep up the good work. your family must be brilliant.
Why in the world this isn't bitesized yet?
Demo Data

Very good

Pretty awesome map

It's simple yet addictive, challenging, appealing... 5/5.

Didn't quite get all gold yet, but I'll try.
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yeah man.

This rocks.
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Sugar tits ey?

Can't say I'm familiar with that one...but thanks! Thanks a lot!
5 out of 5
You did great :D