Pig Rock Hall

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Author tasty_tater
Tags author:tasty_tater playable race rated
Created 2006-12-31
Last Modified 2006-12-31
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description I put a lot of effort into this one, and I think it turned out well, especially the tileset. RCE!

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Tileset is good... but ruins the flow. 3/5
Yes, the tileset must have taken a long time.
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it's very good

it has some empty parts but the flow is good and requires fast
hands in some parts
like Amazing_Slug said: "It flows quite good, but it breaks a little at some points"
there are sme parts that you stop


omg so sorry, i left the room and my brother did that! sorry! any ways! fun map! but there is a way to cheat. this demo shows how but i died, i did complete it both ways though!
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too cramped


missed one gold.

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It's not bad

It flows quite good, but it breaks a little at some points
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dont put rockets and guass turrets on the same place though, and dont put mines near turrets like that, it makes the thumbnail and map look ugly

Pretty good.. ;D

I didn't really like the tileset but the flow in some parts was good.