Tree-Leaf Single

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Author _FrostScaler
Tags author:_frostscaler dda rated
Created 2006-12-26
Last Modified 2006-12-29
by 7 people.
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Description HOLD-LEFT!


"Bravely, the exhausted mapmaker dashes to NUMA in the last 20 minutes of Christmas, hoping that people will have good holidays."

Trees. Everywhere.

Merry Chrismas, all. We got an out-of-this world Wii, and a laser mouse.


(Just to clarify the "we" thing. _Frostscaler is a collab account between Jakel and Kingdragon Jakel is writing this description, in case you've noticed the "Chyea.".)

(maestro, I'll PM you on the forums, but can you disable ratings for this account? Please? I can't get rid of this guy.)

Last thing: It's got both gold delay and edited launch pads, but oh well. It took about 5 hours out of my day.

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4/5, quite long and exciting


Make sure, before you complain a DDA isn't working, that you try holding left, and holding right. You'd hate to sound like an idiot and give it a .5 without realising it actually is a 4 -worthy rocket DDA.

So nyea.


doesn't work. I crash into the rockets every time
Demo Data
i think u forgot to mention that its hold left.

Not bad.

For the length and effort.


suck and I hate you 5/5