Simple Challenge 05

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Author mc_george
Tags author:mc_george challenge playable puzzle rated simple
Created 2006-12-18
Last Modified 2007-06-28
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Now this is very difficult. Inspired by clux's 70-0; it's a thwump corner kick simple challenge. I offer a dedication to a person who submits a demo faster than mine.

Difficulty: 5/5


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and I swear

I didn't use fbf... I never did get the hang of it...

and I swear

I didn't use fbf... I never did get the hang of it...
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You know what they say: "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em"
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I read you, ska, got disqualified from the NTTS for using fbf.

@George & Ben: the 1st & 2nd jumps in both your demos are impossible.



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You have to jump the frame you land on the thwump.


doing this
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Merciless insanity peppers of san quanalang zabispo!

That's way too hard for me, but an awesome challenge. Maybe someday!
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Here, paste this in the bottom left box in userlevels and press 'Watch replay'.


debug mode
the part i cant beat is once u get the trapdoor i cant jump up to the thwump :(

It just shows

That you can't use debug mode.

u cant

even beat this shit level

Don't worry ;)

I've only beaten a few times.


That is your demo with 1 frame taken off xD so dont validate it


You're amazing I cant even make the jump up to the switch
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This is how to do it.
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