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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch playable rated
Created 2006-12-17
by 11 people.
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Description Happy birthday, KinGAleX!

Kevin(LV) and I got together and made this old-school map for you. You should find at least a few different ways to run the hell fast, and drop the hell long, I hope.

<3 Forever, Kevin and Tannar.

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good fun, 4
Demo Data

Hey, look at that.

Is the title a hermit crab?

fun map

fun little map.
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A 4.5? ;_;

Thank you to you all. I'm glad you thought it was very good.

All gold


Awesome map, and more importantly, happy birthday Alex!
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The first five i've given in a while. But this map is so modern, so fun, so brilliant and so flawless that it truly desrves a 5. Good job krusch!
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Feeble all gold.

Demo Data
Have a special birthday all gold demo.
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Happy birthday!

And yes, the chaingun got you. I'm sorry. ;(

*demo added

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4.5/5 very fun...and interesting

i think i will go and make my latest map a ded to him
just because


Completion demo. Rough, yes. But the bounce off the thwump was cool.

mi b-day too....

got a media center edition, matches my new stereo's lights. got it off of =)

BTW: wtf happened in the demo?! Did the chaingun get me? -_-
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You guys are the bestest.