Mixed Drinks

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Author fluffysheep
Tags author:fluffysheep bitesized rated test
Created 2006-12-15
Last Modified 2006-12-15
by 33 people.
Map Data

Description Ok. Here's the deal.

This is a map where you record your demo data for one section, and play it (your demo data)on the other section, hoping to complete it with the same demo data. Data data data.

Then, after recording a demo for the top section, place the ninja on the singular piece of gold in the bottom section and play your demo to see if your ninja completes it.

The original part about this map is that both sections are race maps. Both sections are short, but let me tell you, this was not easy to make. I tried to make the two sections as different as possible, which was tricky. WHY THE HELL DO I KEEP TYPING SEXTIONS?!?!

With that being said, enjoy.

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Demo Data


Demo Data



Neat idea

very very tricky and takes a lot of trial and error.

4/5 well done.

Demo Data


N died

Wow, I'll try making one :D
Demo Data

Brilliant idea.

My head hurts when I even think of making one of these. 5/5 and faved.


i actually did it, kinda bad though
Demo Data

Nice map!

I think that you´ve been playtested this many many times. (My demo was really bad, don´t watch it, please) 5/5+put in the favourites
Demo Data

oh i didnt

read the directions. my bad. i will try to make one.


Demo Data

I did it!

I jumped off the one tile!
Demo Data

Cleaner run.

Props to anyone who can jump off that one tile.
Demo Data


3.5/5 For orginality, but it's a real pain editing the ninja's position each time.


+faved. Of course.


Maybe it´s just too late in here, so I´ll try tomorrow. My ratings for this (great) map is 4.5/5
Demo Data


I haven´t watched your example yet, and I´m not going to until I´ve made my own. The idea of the map is really cool.


Demo Data