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Author Crono
Tags action author:crono playable unrated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-13
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Map Data

Description Based off of the name of another Brand New song, and it kinda looks like a rabbit. I found this level to be quite difficult.

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Yeah, I played it

It wouldn't say it's amazing, and many places just seem a tiny bit rushed. Especially the left and right middle sections. The restis done pretty nicely, but I think it's just a matter of taste. I think I just really dislike maps like this.
I guess I won't rate. I feel it's unfair to rate down a map just because you hate all maps like that.

Hold on,

Apart from the stacked doors, I think this is a *really* good map. There's some cool puzzles here, too. Here's a demo of me getting two of the switches (I got blown up straight after). Fix the stacked doors, and I'll try for a completion.
Demo Data


Annoying. First of all, I'm not certain, but I think you forgot to reset. Second of all, stacking doors like you did is stupid, and proves that you probably didn't playtest this map very much.