Colin's Quest!!!!!!!!!!

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Author Sendy
Tags author:sendy bitesized dda rated v1.3c
Created 2005-04-07
by 17 people.
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Description Join Colin the Corpse in his fantastic adventure to free his soul. You see, colin has died, and his spirit can only leave his body once his body has been destroyed. Slamming it into walls and smashing it repeatedly against spikes won't do it, nor will zap drones or huge falls. The only thing that will make his soul soar are those mines.

This is a corpse DDA. PLEASE NOTE: I made this purely for fun and no other reason. After I made Thriller my brain was fried and I needed a serious fix of stupidity, so I made this. There's no point to it other than that. There's no guarantee that the corpse will get to the end of the course, but it's probable. Also, standard corpse-DDA-problems apply, such as the risk of getting stuck in a wall etc. Corspe DDA's are quite limited and can suck but I tried to make this as good as I could.

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But i don't like corpse DDA.



worked the first time after about 5 minutes in that first luancher bend. he even survived 5 or six or the mines before he blow-up



o ya

and the part where hes humping the point in the beginning on the bottom was funny


after watching for an hour N gets stuck on the top at the end... err time wasted...

Worked second time

But - BIG but - On the first area with jump buttons, N jumped through (Colin i mean) the wall... So I don't think that really is um...


i made it to the end, but i guess i cheated ;). good entertainment


He went straight through a wall right at the beginning!
It worked first time, by the way.


this DDA's rubbish, he died at the start...

lol only joking, he got stuck after touching the very last jump-pad above the mines, nice work, allthough i prefer live ones ;-).


Not bad for a corpse DDA. I've seen much worse. Only got stuck for me once. 3/5


It kinda sucks, I'm just posting it because I got a few laughs out of it. Sometimes it does some funny things.


"Colin" got stuck evrywhere!
It was so irritating on the first part!
But it was a cool idea...