Front Row Seats

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Author jboydude
Tags author:jboydude playable race rated
Created 2006-11-21
by 8 people.
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Description Well, I couldn't decide whether to put it in Race of Incomplete. Anyway, this is what I call a "race template". It contains all of the trap doors, locked doors, oneways, etc. to make the race functional. However, there are no coins, enemies, mines, etc. If you want to add that kind of stuff and make it a "real race", go ahead, but you still have to give me credit.

About the race; well, I really love how it turned out. Please, of course, rate, comment, etc. Oh, and some competition over fastest completion would be cool.

Have Fun!

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dern jump button.

Good template. 4/5
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But could I get at least 3 more votes?


its partially incomplete, I won't say there are cheats and shortcuts but... watch the demo.
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killed your times

dont mess with me. lol.

4 frames faster!!

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and btw,

qazwsxedc is a tool... dont cheat the map, bitch

first try...

great flow
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I used it

here is the map.


is my fastest completion
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It's still compltete enough to play and enjoy.


should be in incomplete...