Gatorade. Need An Aid. Look A Blockade.

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Author MaximumRide
Tags author:maximumride bitesized playable race rated
Created 2006-11-15
by 25 people.
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Description Watch the demo if your confused.

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he rated down because it's too laggy, which if it is he should get a better computer and/or not rate at all

also the to many rockets thing i agree with, but it's not that bad, at all
Are an asshole, grade-A at that. He didn't like it, that's no reason to demean him. Poor guy. Just because he didn't agree with the general consensus doesn't mean he's wrong. Jackass.

Sub 1000 AGD

Nice map! the flow isn't too hard to find...
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To laggy and too many rockets.

i like it



sorry )_)

i checked it out

please dont advertise on my map. i forgive you though.
that has gotten no votes twice in a row when submitted, a new and unpleasant thing fo' me... :P wanna check it out?


I 4.5/5 and faved it... I got the flow now.
just a couple spots you messed up on.
how come that doesn't happen to me?
and comments. I appreciate it.


I haven't seen the demo yet, this is what I estimated to be flow-ish..?
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than i thought it was going to be... well done... the only thing i didnt like was the style of the enemies... thats me being picky though :P good job 4/5
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Sweet map you got here. I did this without looking at your demo.
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never saw your demo

Pretty fun. like the flow and the rockets.
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the flow

here it is.
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