Control your Jump?

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Author gamedope
Tags author:gamedope playable puzzle rated v1.3c
Created 2005-03-30
by 6 people.
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Description Here is a level where you test your timing with the jump button, and try not to use any walls. Please Subbmit a Demo

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Now I can beat the level!


Its very simple you know, just use the tunel - when in it push jump button very fast and after a couple of tries you should've jump very high ;) When I am on my computer, I will make a demo. It will be hard to be perfect, it will take time...
I think there is something i don't know!
Post a demo gamedope please!(cries)
i have tried everything but nothing seems to work!!!
Thank you!


Sorry for the 3th massage, but the level is known as Dont Stop..


I dont, know if this will help, play any of my "Runner" Levels, that should be of some help to you ;)


I am telling you - you can beat it without wall jumping. Just thinks and play more, you will figure it out! Sometime if nobody beated it i will post a demo, just have to make one :D
The Level is Beatuble

Please help!

How do you get to the remote terminal if you don't use wall jumps!?