dabbling in the old powder

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Tags author:bluesabbeth playable race rated
Created 2006-10-13
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description ded to phoenix1421 for fastest time on my last map......... its a race and its short but fun fastest agd gets two deds ( please rate)

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That's better

Finally, a good agd
Demo Data

... he he

Demo Data

2 Deds

Demo Data


i got my own ded........ how sad a well looking forward to it.
Demo Data

Tell me

How to time it and ill try.

Its an OK level. 3.5/5

Im the only one

with a fast AGD tho =]

it has 2 be AGD rite
2 get the ded?

iv neva had a ded ='[


i really like this race, may i do some tweaking though, i will make a ded and give you credit for the original.

I give up

that drone really prevents a good agd, i had one where i had 1 piece left and 1175 frames, i give up on the agd, so give me the ded, or gamemaster for his slow but still all gold demo.
Demo Data

faster still

that stupid drone keeps getting in the way, o well this one is faster and more gold, all but 2 pieces at the very end
Demo Data

close enough

its the fastest demo, would have been an all gold but, well just watch it, ill keep workin on it
Demo Data

oh yeah

mine is a agd


5/5 by the way
Demo Data

I tried that

Sooo long

(very addictive level)

i had 2 slow down that last bit
otherwise i wuda gt zapped lol

neway heres a demo 5/5
Demo Data