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Author testpilot1989
Tags author:testpilot1989 bitesized rated test
Created 2006-10-05
Last Modified 2006-10-12
by 9 people.
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Description This is a puzzle/action hybrid. In addition, I am by far more proud of this map than any other I have ever done, and likely ever will do. It is completely possible, just to remove all doubt, and the key to the map is to maintain speed. Good luck, and I'll try to post an AGD

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sweep said you could bitesize urself if you thought it was really worth it. I am still very proud of this map, and think it's worth it.


you bitesized this yourself. how do i know?
you're #71

seems awful simple

as in didn't take a crapload of time to make. not so much a puzzle. no bitesize comment either. 4 + 1 for the obvious snipe


very clever.
Good job ! :)


first bit...
Demo Data

nice map

i like it... mine placement worked well... great stuff 4.5