Swing Swing

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Author xdude_
Tags author:xdude_ playable race unrated
Created 2006-10-02
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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AHH!!! A race??!! From xdude!?
May as well try it.

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Fastest ...

On NReality -_-


5/5 =P
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man im dyslexic...

so i last agd was not 100 frames faster than my first...but this one is more than 100 frames faster than my first so i made up for my blunder...
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very fun

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better AGD

beat my agd by 100 frames level and i dissagree that falling isnt race ish, i think it works well
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first try

very fun... glad to see you make a race... 4.5
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i guess its just beginers luck...
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I'm close

but no cigar.

Fun map, 4/5.
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Wow, that was actually really fun. The part where you had to fall to the exit wasn't very Race-ish, but ah well. This map is perfect for demos, I thinks. Great work.
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Improveable All Gold Demo
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