Zero to Fifty in Eight Frames

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob playable race rated
Created 2006-10-01
Last Modified 2006-10-01
by 21 people.
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Description This race is very different from your standered races. YOu have to create flow. It doesn't just "come". There is a pretty distinct path if you start by going left. If you have trouble look at my demo but please note my demo is unflowey cause N is very slow ont his computer. The demo is more to let you know where to go if you are stuck. Good luck and please send me demos (and comments)!

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not that smooth, but i did it :D

5aved - love the mines on the left and the bounce blocks at the top ^^
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i just did a corner jump off a bounce block...
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You can mess up and still nto dies which is different than alot of other maps.

3.75 [4]

The flow is to precise, and it isn't really all that fun to play.
But 5 with 8

I rated 5, btw.

Hells yeah

It rocks my ass off.


Top rated!


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This is one of the best race maps I have ever played. I like how even though the flow is there, you have to work for it. I alos like the openness of it. Just awseome all around.




Only look if you really need it.
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