Good shoes won't save you this time

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Author ianb
Tags author:ianb dda rated
Created 2006-09-14
by 24 people.
Map Data

Description Just a quick 3-way DDA from yours truly - hold left, hold right, or simply do nothing.
All are good quality, but hold left is really short, because it happened almost by accident - it only needed a minor tweak to work, which I thought was cool enough to excuse the shortness. And I was lazy.
Enjoy, comment, rate if you feel like it. Be happy.

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...but the thwumps will.

*Very* well done.

DDA is the best, but the hold options are quite strong also. 5/5! Damn good work, man.


a 3 way-thwump dda!
5 for each way, that's 15/5




Hold right is the best! That's a good idea!


and I'm sure some of you will like the map name.
*goes to catch tommorow*