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Author Sendy
Tags author:sendy bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-08-24
Last Modified 2006-08-25
by 32 people.
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Description Pen and paper might be handy ;)

Due to the nature of the ambiguity of switches in N, there is some trial and error involved, but since dying doesn't cause you to lose progress I think it's acceptable, just a little unorthodox.

I know some people will hate this, but meh ;P

Edit: Ok, I changed it to puzzle.

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I think the only trial and error is finding which keys open and close which tubes. After you work that out, it's quite easy to solve - I just traced a path backwards from the exit.
it's definitely an interesting concept, I also feel like something similar could be implemented in NReality with better clues and aesthetics.

At the moment it seems a bit too much like trial and error to me.
I'm not even going to try and do it lol. 4

Fun Puzzle

I enjoyed how it was fairly easy to progress through linearly by finding the switch or trapdoor to solve whatever problem you last ran into.
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finally!Tried all combanations!
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DAAMN, beat it

the most tricky level ever. nice..

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To Fender:

No, I had the full concept in my head. I was using jump-pads to make 'suction tubes' and then I thought "what if the ninja were irreversibly coarsing down a tunnel, out of control, with his fate already decided by a switch panel which has exactly one 'safe' combination.

did this..

start out as a really bad dda befopre turnin into a really good puzzle?

Yay, I made it too.

In a speedy-ish fashion.
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I think I'm in love...
gooooood map
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A creative answer to a sniper.
First try, obviously. (Man, that was stupid.)
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I hate this map

And that's why i'm 5aving it.


Someone call Arachnid! Call the cops! Phone Sherlock Holmes! Raise the Homeland Security Threat Level up a shade! Lock up your daughters! This guy means business!

You got my favourite one, _Sketch :)


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Post demos if you get it wrong, too. It's funny to watch N die on this level :)


I made it! Slowly, but I made it!
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this painfully slow demo. ftw.
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Great Idea for a map 5/5
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4 people really like this :)


Well, I don't

How come you didn't put it under puzzle? It has all the prerequisites of a puzzle. 5aved