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Author Jiggerjaw
Tags author:jiggerjaw playable rated survival
Created 2006-08-09
Last Modified 2006-08-09
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description Here it is!
The Ultimate Survival Challenge DEUX!!!!
So, this is much more complicated, but still, I see opportunity for some great competition. The rules for this survival map are:

Your points are determined by how ambitious you are, how routine you are, and how well you dodge.
Ambition: Gold
For each gold piece you collect, you are awarded 50 points.
Routine: Rockets
For each rocket that is destroyed, you lose 500 points.
Dodging: Drones
Each seeker zap drone you lure across the field of play gets you 100 points.
These points are added to your frame count to make your total score.

This point scale should make for some fun competition, and perhaps, you don't have to last as long as another, but still best him *wink*

I'll post a demo to demonstrate the rules fully. When you post your demo, I'll look at it and tally your score for you, unless you're feeling generous. The 3 highest scoring competitors by September 1 will recieve dedications in the category of their choosing.
And with that...
Rate, comment, post demos, and enjoy!

Edit: Sorry, but I preferred my old version of this map better, so if you already made a demo, you're shit out of luck.

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Demo Data

Another demo

1495 frames + 50 * 20 gold + 100 * 18 drones - 0 rockets
= 4295 points.
Demo Data

awsome demo

highest frames yet. 1 crashed rocket. i am confuses because eairly in the demo 1 drone combined with another to make 2 but you could not tell the difference. i hope you can find it
Demo Data

another try

hope it is the winner
Demo Data


3975 + 950 + 2900 - 0
= 7825, I think?

Does that count if you lure drone across the field and when it's half done you die on it. Do you get 100 points?
I added my score 100 points for that.

This is so addicting
Demo Data


11 drones + 720 frames + 15 pieces of gold

Do I lose points for dieing on a rocket? Does that count as breaking one?

= 1100 + 720 + (15*50)

Um lets see, what's 15 times 50?


= 1100 + 720 + 750 = ... 6?

Nah, it equals 2670... woot!
Demo Data
2570 frames and i no rocket breaking =0
Demo Data

3rd submission

= )
Demo Data

2nd demo

i will make as many as i can to win this challenge
Demo Data
it should be my newest map once again depending on when you see this comment...


You may submit as many demos as you wish. The more, the merrier :)

4 got demo

here it is
Demo Data


here is my first demo... i dont know what the points are for mine. how many can we submitt?

TCG: yes
Hawkk: Nice demo.


1250 + 900 + 1800 - 0
= 3950 points for me if I understood rules.

Great map 4.5/5
Demo Data


1161 frames + 50 * 20 gold + 100 * 10 drones - 0 rockets
= 3161 points. (I think I did that right.)

We can submit multiple demos, right? Because this is nowhere near my potential for this map...

Demo Data

my demo

445 + 700 + 500 -0= 1645 points...
Demo Data

sweet survival

very nice

Great Idea

A demo from me later.
551 + 750 + 600 - 0 = 1901

I shall try again later. Nice map.
Demo Data

Yeah I like it

And its better than most of the survival maps you get these days, 4.5.


Thats 17x50 = *thinks hard* = 1700/2.. Omg! I think my brains on strike ¬_¬.. um.. 850!..
And 5 drones = 500, so thats 1350..
No rockets killed = -0.
1350 + 362 = 1712..
Aw.. nearly.
Demo Data


Demo Data
745 + 1000 + 500 - 0 = 2245


2190 + 1000 + 600 – 2000 = 1790 points.
Demo Data