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Author ProfFiendish
Tags author:proffiendish playable race rated
Created 2006-08-06
by 13 people.
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Description This would actually be a sort of good map if the gameplay wasn't so darn repetitive...

Feel free to rate lowly. I'm probably going to get rid of this soon.

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so easy and fun

Demo Data


Demo Data

even though it is

a little repetitive, it is a good map, very flowy. expand it. 4.5/5
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Very fun and clever

I liked the trapdoor that gets you under the one way...
clever !
despite the repetivness.
how to improve? hmm, maybe gold, some mines, more challenges?
I don't know whatever 4/5

Great Map!


dont take it out

good use of the one-ways makes it good. expand it and resubmit!

The Cheating

Way (=';'=)
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The proper route

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dont remove is a good map even thou its repetitive but why don't you make some changes to it so it becomes a NO JUMP map because i think if you able to do that the map would be awesome or maybe add some more tiles to the bottom half of the map?

Just some suggestions (=';'=)


Very cool. The only problem is that I didn't figure out the path until the 5th time I played it.