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Author scythe33
Tags author:scythe33 bitesized dda rated
Created 2006-07-14
by 47 people.
Map Data

Description PRESS ONEZ0RZ
I thought we needed something different. This is a door dda, with only 5 enemies, but plenty of close calls-I found it pretty sylish.
Press one in debug mode before you play.
And remember to reset it if you forget to press one the first time-the chainguns haven't been NaN'd.

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Stylish indeed.


i'm ambivalent

i liked it though...good stuff


Using doors that


And faved.

Oh, and congrats being on the top rated page!

Nice one. I liked it a lot. 4.5/5. And you can tell the chainguns haven't been NaN'd 'cause they move at the begining.


you don't ALWAYS have to press 1. 4.5 cuz it's not a new idea, but + .5 cuz it's longer. next time use different variety of enemies.


was this on top rated?

woo hoo!!!

the doors rule

the ones in the level and the band!!!

Damn you...

I have been outdone...



it was so smooth...
that was probably the best part, it was sorta soothing (with the volume off of course)



very stylish



but hey, it was the first alot of people saw of doors.
Crushproof, to do door propulsion, put six gold on a normal door and propel the ninja at it. He'll either bounce off and go the other way if he's going relatively slow, go faster forward if he's going a bit faster, or be unaffected if he's going too fast.
And at some speeds it might kill him :D

Door Power Rox!

That was sweet, yet, I wish it was longer. 3.5/5

Pretty good

I like it. Just tell me how to do the door thing plz

very nice

4.5/5 i liked it


I always liked lucidiums, and yours is just as good, just not revolutionary like his.