Sentient 6

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Author Skyfire
Tags action author:skyfire playable rated
Created 2006-07-14
Last Modified 2006-07-14
by 9 people.
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Description Hey there fellow Neditors. This is my first map. It's relatively easy, but it's quite good, I think.



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very nice map

especially for your first. and why do you guy's write n00b and w00t instead of noob and woot?

Im gonna faint!!!!

Its a New Member (notice how I didnt say n00b)!!!

w00t! ok, welcome to NUMA, and join the forums.
link here:

4/5 for a first.


Another new mapmaker that doesnt suck ass! Thank god, Numa's been overrun with horrid maps latley.



That is a great level especially for your first! i shall expect more great levels from you.

good first map

the whole map looks good overall, but i dont rele like the flow of the map, as it isnt too continuous. 3.5/5