Controlled Chaos

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Author Zy
Tags author:zy dda rated
Created 2006-07-14
Last Modified 2006-07-14
by 12 people.
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Description Press One Before you Play!!!

Alright this is only my third map (if you don't include the tileset), so please don't rate to harshly over the gold delay. Anyway, I have to wake up early in the morning and I really don't feel like writing a long description,(The title). Please rate, post comments on what you liked or didn't like and give suggestions on how I can improve on my next maps.
You can find my other maps at

And if you have any suggestions for the title please post. Maybe I'll get one tommorow.

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Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who commented and rated this map. Thanks lots.
To pigthief - The fake death was an accident, at the end I accidently deleted something but couldn't find what I deleted, it changed N's position by like 2 frames, which caused the near death. It didn't change anything else though (really lucky), or else I would have to start all over again.
To everyone who commented about the gold delay and launch pads - I know I used lots of it, (which sucks) but I'll try to use lots less in my next map.
Oh, and Brttrx, thanks for the name lol.
Thank you to everyone.


great map 5/5 from me, i got no gold delay >_>


thats very good for a third map. a little too much gold delay though. 4/5


That names so cool.


Pretty good for a 3rd map. Actually really good for a 3rd map. you've already passed me in the rankings im guessing, but there were a few things I didn't like: Way too much gold delay, too many launch pads and I would've liked more transportation diversity. other than that well done map


There's lots of enemies and stuff, but I don't like the fake death. It's very good in the level editor where it works, though.

wow that was good

or as brttrx would say... HOLY CHEESECAKE!! lol it is good tho... especially for a third.. 5/5 from me.. hope to see more from u in the future and im glad u like my race maps :)


I have like 5 I haven't completed lmao.
That and I haven't made a map in like a week.
I've been looking at other maps and getting ideas.
Lots more to come hopefully.

Very good

And Zy this is really only your third map? I see you commenting and posting demos all over the place I figured you'd have lots of your own.


Thanks, btw, on your latest map I found a cheat kinda. (And I completed it.)

Holy Cheesecake.

That was damn good for a 3rd map.

Call it "Controlled Chaos" I always wanted to use that name, but couldnt make a map that fit it.