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Tags action author:bobodahobo playable rated
Created 2006-07-03
by 45 people.
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Description happy 50,000?

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Poor Beanhead.

I know it wasn't on purpose.

Happy 50000th, NUMA!

LM is not 950.

It is not even a valid Roman numeral.

to '15'

the 40k'th map was mine, i was not aiming to get it, and i got whined at to change my map to a celebration map, which i did, then it got whined at even more... it USED to be a good map...

good map

but LM means 950

not bad

good thing bobodahobo got 50k the 40k one was horrible

I hate it

When spots like these end up deleted maps or crappy maps..
Good jog though.


SO glad a good map and mapmaker got the 50k spot. I was frightened at the prospect of what the 50k map would be.
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i mean out of 1k, 2k...etc. but there were plenty of other good ones.


Crud, I was goin for the 50,000! You beat me to it!


you lucky bastard 8)


I couldn't care less what its rated. It'll still be an absurdly fantastic map to play. 4.5/5, and a high one.


People who judge by ratings and not be the content, should we care about they're opinion?

It's Simple

What Kirby's saying (I think) is that the snipers are gonna make BOBODAHOBO look bad.


That doesn't make any sense kirby...


When people come and look back at the 50,000th map and see that is has a low rating, people will think "Wow, what a n00b to send that map on the 50,000th." Dpon't ruin it for everyone else!


I thought you left. It was a nice time without you, why did you came back?


Who said it was sniped spect? Could have been deserved.

And all-gold!

At least all-gold that is possible for me ;)
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Maybe it's just not that fun.
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he didn't leave. So he lied to us on that one map (as Dave did), saying it was his last, to get good ratings, and then he continued making maps merrily. I apologize for what I said about coming back for 50000 just to get ratings.

First completition

On map 50k!
Oh yeah, anti-sniped :P
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This map got rated fast! I rated it a 4/5 because it looked good, btw. At least the map wasn't crap, that is the main point. :up:


I thought Bobo had left. I see it's all about the ratings for him. Why don't we snipe him? He's already taught us not to respect him by returning after announcing his permanent departure.


This map rocks too hard to get sniped.

Good map

But I've never liked chainguns. 4/5 otherwise.

PS: NICE 50,000! You beat me by less the a second.

Awesome map!



I don't mind who submits the 50,000th map, but people better not be sniping this map ONLY because bobo got it on the 50,000... If that is the reason, then that is well and truly f*cked up. >:(

Umm, snipage?

Sore losers I'm guessing. Congrats, you beat my by 2.


it seems people are resentful for me getting this spot...


You got the 50000th