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Author Irrelevant
Tags action author:irrelevant playable rated v1.3c
Created 2005-01-10
by 16 people.
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Description Well, first map for a while. Hope you like...

If there was an agility / dexterity category, this would be in it. No nasty surprises, no glitching, no unpredictable monsters, just get from one end to the other and back. All-gold runs are also possible.

small bug: The zappers in the bottom-right gradually go out of synch, and I cant fix them. It is still usually possible to get through.

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for my friend pocho. estos los hice hace aƱos.. son parte del juego en la parte de user levels.. vos los tenes. mira papa
Demo Data
Many ninja's died to bring you this demo. Honor them.
Demo Data
Many ninja's died to bring you this demo. Honor them.
Demo Data

Completion demo.

No one beat this yet? o_O

T'was very fun.
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yay, feedback!

Yeah, the bounce blocks by the mines were intended to be misleading, as it is much easier to just spike straight past them. With that in mind, however, they do make it possible to continue if the jump falls short.


Just go over them, Sendy. Check out the demo...
Demo Data

I wanted to like it

But the first part with the bounceblocks and mines was so freaking hard...