Eagle's Nest

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Author xdude_
Tags author:xdude_ bitesized n-art unrated
Created 2006-06-16
Last Modified 2006-08-05
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Just credit if you use.

I looked off of this pic.

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Very nice indeed.


what's up with you lately, neme? you seem in such good mood for about a month now. not as pissed off as usual. oh well, that's a good thing... i guess.


it had to be though

very nice tileset

someone else used this too. and i'm with xdude_rox and LOST, nemetacyst. you're maps are great, but just don't overreact so much. 4.5/5


the DDA I madewith this tileset =) =p

if you insist,

I'll rate it. 4.5/5
But I told you so. :)


is right nematacyst!
In meh opinion, you do rule! =)

Heck yea!

You kick ass here on Numa buddy, well to me anyway, and I'm guessing many more. :)


i didnt realize you though so highly of me...

the real question here, is, how come i seem to be surprised by this rather often as of i actually being looked up to??
Thank you for being so nice. :)

Plus, I forgot to add on my last comment: WOW, ATOB and nemetacyst commenting nicely on my map, not that you be mean or never do it, it's just you guys are awesome and I love your maps!


for the confusement.

Thanks everyone.

And this is my first map on Numa.....jk. I was a little confused to but no problem LOST. I appreciate all of the comments and the ratings. :)


And very effective in the thumb.


I just don't see a resemblenince.... (spelling errors= n00b along with critisicm without rights= n00by)


and it gets a 4 from me...i jsut feel like its lacking not sure what...but it just seems to me like there should be something there that isnt...


thats funny!
i cant believe he actually welcomed you, lol!

and nice pic man, very nice pic...

I expect...

he thought you were welcoming xdude to NUMA. Just a misunderstanding.


what do you mean slain_wraith? xdude_rox said thx for commenting and I said your welcome.
to xdude_rox....if he did WOW...

Welcome xdude_rox

Im sure to use this in a DDA i make. Faved!


Very, very impressive. Not the best ever, but still up there. Easy 4.5, maybe even 5...
I'll decide.
It does look quite difficult to use, though. I think it's more of an art.


Awesome dude.


Thanks guys. And thanks LOST for the only comment in five votes.