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Author maestro
Tags author:maestro featured rated test ultragood
Created 2006-06-10
Last Modified 2007-07-14
by 84 people.
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Description Don't rate if you don't get it, thanks.

This map was featured on 2013-07-19

Ah "shine", the staple of the post-modern mapping revolution. It combines symmetry with minimalism and the wisdom of Descartes. Some have tried, (yet failed) to replicate this concept - jtbanes [] - but at best, were only half as good. Upon properly experiencing this map, one ponders the vast emptiness that will inevitably consume us all. — ska

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I would appreciate it if anyone who was not part of the community in 2006 did not interact with this map in any way. Thanks!

i made animalcollective a reviewer for being a clearly multiaccounting whinger

you are welcome numa

cordially flag

u can't find him because he doesn't exist.
you really don't understand huh


Pretty split on this --- nostalgia vs. inanity...
but i can't find him/her anywhere


someone else before maestro mapped out this innovative and inspiring concept what is this. shame on him, he should be tarred and feathered for ripping off a fellow mapper. shameful.

omg its the second time recently I accidently "reported abuse" a post.

there should be a confirmation of some kind lol.

voted 0. kaar labam did the same and no one noticed, this is cool just because ortsz is known here

always a classic

glad to see this iceberg of intricate mechanics and glacial simplistic genius crashing into the innocent hull of once again
I would have sex to map this map

Wait I got that backwards. The only thing preventing me from enjoying tk maps is SKA D:<


Demo Data
I do not mean to insult ska, nor do I say he is stopping me from enjoying good maps. I also don't intend to use internet for any other purposes other than getting entertained. For those purposes, I'd enjoy myself to be entertained by the fun maps ska has chosen for us.

If he would like to do a joke review kind of thing, he may, though even then I'd enjoy him to be original :) One can always give feedback, no?

No one's stopping anyone from enjoying good maps, least of all ska. Not every map that deserves it is going to get a feature. Why beat on people for keeping things laid-back? Chill out man.

yeah anco

you don't get it.

I think you don't get it


link []

wasn't this

why ska was pulled from reviewer status 3 years ago

clap clap

Polluting the review page with joke features certainly doesn't help the issue. I know you know a lot of great maps to feature, so why don't delight us with those?
I don't see a fault in featuring a legitimately great minimalistic map, e.g. any of tktktk's dozens of unfeatured classics. 9400 too, some of his maps are just pure excellence. But this just doesn't cut it IMO.

This level

Is as pointless as the game itself.

A.K.A Life
Demo Data


is not about a fantastic tileset.
It's not about mines or drones or even the miraculous fantasy that is gold.
N is about the limits of the human mind, the capabilities of the ninja.
The art of creation.
The audacity of flight.

or is this something like this:


OK i watch some demos and read some comments but i don't understand the sense of the map. and why everybody rate it with a 4 or a 5...
i make a demo could somebody check it and say if i done it right?
Demo Data

i don't get it

please tell me


my only concern was that it was a bit laggy


Demo Data


impaled by the trapdoor!

This is...

seriously the best map ever. BEST. MAP. EVER.

fastest agd ever

Demo Data


I just realised how to see the real level. This is amazing - I still can't complete it - I lose it after jumping of the one-way platform - oh well, keep trying!
Demo Data


I just realised how to see the real level. This is amazing - I still can't complete it - I lose it after jumping of the one-way platform - oh well, keep trying!
Demo Data
I actually almost had it until that tile turned against me.
Demo Data
And that launchpad is glitched.
Watch the demo.
Demo Data


Shiver my timbers.
Demo Data


Yeah, when people like me call people like you jackasses, listen the fuck up next time, yeah? Now get off of my Goddamn boat, peon.

Great level

I got squashed behind the Thwump just before I go to the exit. Quite funny actually! 5aved