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Author ZeB
Tags author:zeb playable race rated
Created 2006-06-04
Last Modified 2006-06-04
by 14 people.
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Description I can´t make good descriptions so I´ll leave
the comments for you.

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Parts of this are extremely cool, and there are parts that just don't fucking work. :(


Demo Data

a bit challenging

for a race. but still good. 4.5/5

how do the

drones stay put?


nice flow and stuff
but races arent supposed to be littered with enemies like a DDA...sorry
5/5 and faved. oh btw I beat it second try! :)
so proud of meself.


this is fantastic! I looked at the demo and was blown away by the sheer skill. I couldn't do it after trying like 50 times.
Well done 5/5


plays like a crazy DDA, 4.5/5


My demo
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