Silhouette In Twilight

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Author SoldierGAMER
Tags author:soldiergamer bitesized n-art rated
Created 2006-05-26
Last Modified 2006-05-26
by 57 people.
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Description So, what you think about it?


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reminds me

of bayonette from that game robo something.
THere's a trophy of it in super smash brothers

hope u dont mind but iv set this as my desktop wallpaper. i love this sorta stuff! 6/5

My New Map

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This is N, not paint dotnet or a white paper. He dont have to make a real-life-picture in ned (I dont misunderstand u, nemetacyst, I only say what I think). 4.5/5 :]

i think

that this just plain looks cool, regardless of how the sun sets/rises etc.


well....on cartographs...or basically anything else...

west is left...east is right...your colors are backwards...
cuz last time i checked, the sun didnt go down in the east...
and thas adds color, not any sort of direction...not only is the transition from color to not-color bad, but it doesnt even match the direction of light in many places...

dont get me wrong, i dont dislike it, your arts are getting better...but in my opinion, this does not deserve such a high rating...4 minimum(yes, minimum), but its place is not in the top page of arts...


.... And i'm don't understand too, why all told that my map's "so great, and beatyfull"....


... So, That silhouete of dragon, but i'm separate him parts...
Twinlight - that Sun on West and go down, And Darkness From East Up.
3d-ness that i'm try to show light and shadows on the picture.....

It's not a Japanesse anime!!! I'm Hate Anime!!!

p.s. And sorry my english, i'm rus.


silhouette of what?
what twilight?
whats so great about the shading??
am i really missing the 3-d ness of this???
more specifically, what 3d ness...the light is coming from at least 2 or 3 different directions if thats what you call shading...
wtf is this?!?!
is it a demented japanese anime airplane from hell?!?!?!
am i the only one whose confused here?!?!?!?!?!?!

somebody, please help me...
i wont rate until i know what the hell is going on...


this is great art. like the 3Dness.

look at my N arts!


..... And if u think that i'm lamer u get a big mistake!


I'm said Thx beacose not see it before. It my 3-th map, and i'm don't need "Edit" before. U must set the rating to image craft...


He said thanks to Brttrx because Brttrx told him about the "Edit" button.


5/5 + faved

Omg lol wtf? :D

To Brttx

Brttrx - Thx


this is pretty good, but just not up to par with Dragon_moons most recent dragon, which conatains so much more detail and uses the whole screen. I looked at your maps, and you are definitly getting better. I'm sure you will be able to make something up to par with Dragon Moon sometime soon.
until then,

omg wtf bbq hax

awesome. you're the next Dragon Moon

And by the way,

this is phenomenal work. 5/5 for sure. Screw those dragons.
when ur signed in, you see "edit", click that, make spelling corrections, submit, return to map
5/5 for your hard work.
And please dont type in all caps....




Looks pretty awsome in the thumbnail.