The Infinite Race

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Author indecisive
Tags author:indecisive playable race rated
Created 2006-05-21
by 5 people.
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Description I don't know if this has been done before (probably), but I find it fun just running around endlessly. There is an exit, but you don't ever have to end the level.

**If you like this map, keep in mind that out of my 33 submitted maps, only 2 are rated**

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this could be turned into such a good race with the right flow
Demo Data

what is even worse

is the people who are new, and submit maps that they admit are useless, WITHOUT intention of using the constructive criticism to make future maps any better.

yea, pretty much...

couldnt have said it better myself...seriously...
You get two types:
-Teh OMFGzorz-UR-2-g00d-@-teh-mapmak1n-1'm-90NNa-5n1Pe-rs, and
-Teh OMFG-i-5uck-y3t-th1nk-1'm-GR8-5o-all-MaP5-b3tTr-thAn-mY-sHit-1s-gEt-5s-ers.

It's pathetic.

Anyhoo, 3.5 from me, feels like more of a tileset waiting to be finished than an actual map.

how is it

that quality mapmakers such as yourself are ignored, yet its so easy to find maps that totally suck rated 4/5? ratings have slid, map quality has slid, everything is going downhill fast around here
nice map though, i really like it