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Author UpDown
Tags action author:updown playable rated
Created 2006-05-10
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description This shall be my last map on numa.


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If you mean the one right next to the ninja, sorry but you're wrong, it's possible.


I only recently knew you were the top author.
Good luck with getting a life ;)


im not leaving because of spartanruss's comment, cause i never even knew whats the comment about (what comment anyways?).
Just that I need to get on with life...and stuff like that.
Good luck with all ur maps and good luck on all ur futures.


the map IS possible. I think tktktk utilized the same idea, and his map was possible.

i can see

why so many people are leaving just by looking at spartanruss's comment.


but it isn't possible. This happened to one of my maps. The mines on the floor are impassable.
a lot of the good authors have been leaving lately. :(