Amber Alert

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Author Sharpie-Love
Tags action author:sharpie-love playable rated v1.3c
Created 2004-12-03
by 15 people.
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Description Poor N has been abducted by aliens (again)! With the earths defences left in shambles, It's up to N to save the day and destroy the dangerously stylish menace. But first things first, before N can even think of stopping these pleasingly curved space craft, he must find a safe refuge on the art deco planet below.

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Good stuff

The only complaint I can think of is that it feels a bit slow placed. Fun, though.
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Pretty good...

I do like the layout, but I don't think the concepts are that unique. Also a little easy. 3 ninjas.
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You really have a unique style, you're up there with Atra and LV from what you've shown us thus far. That's a good thing. Keep it up!

Vevy nice

well layed out and planned
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Nice map. Can say I enjoyed playing through the 20 attempts it took to beat it. :D
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