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Author syntaxerror
Tags author:syntaxerror playable race rated
Created 2006-05-03
Last Modified 2006-05-03
by 8 people.
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Description Dedicated to ProfFiendish because he's just cool like that and is great at Monty Python.

There are two paths remniscent of Anyway, the N-Way and Professional Driver, albeit much less complex and sophisticated. Unilke these two great maps, though, going through one path first subtly changes the other. I advise you to try both in different orders to get a different race.

Inspired by Anyway, the N-Way by MARIJNENANDRIES and Bugs, bugs, and bugs- The Collectors Edition by formica.

Rate, comment, criticize, ask for a demo if you need help (I\'m too lazy to do one right now). And above all, enjoy!

*Edit* It's cheatable, but why would you want to cheat?

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Thanks for the great ded syntaxerror! I thought the map had very nice flow and enemey placement, but I fail to see the inspiration from bugs bugs bugs...
Oh wait, that's right, you have that one oneway cheat- pretty darn cool I say. If this was a normal map, it'd be 4.5/5, but since it's dedicated to me, 5/5.

I should ded something to you...


Demo Data


Demo Data


When Was The Other Demo Submitted?!? Damn You Shokwave!
Demo Data


heres a moderately fast completion.
Demo Data


I really would like to see a demo.
I hitz a rocket!!! Dis MAP SuckZ
I dIed!1 Dis MaP SUkZ
I CanT FiguRz DIS OUt!! Dis MaP SukZ

Lol... Jk... You were just asking for a comment like that.
This map brilliant.


A couple of things:

This has been extensively playtested. Don't complain "I hit a rocket, this map sux"; you're probably not going fast enough. This map demands a little talent.

All gold is really not too feasible. Don't die trying and say "this map sux"; if you read the description, you'll note that the path changes as you play it.

This is a hard map. If you can't figure it out, don't say "this map sux" and rate it down; ask for a demo.