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Author jedhunter
Tags author:jedhunter playable puzzle unrated
Created 2006-04-28
Last Modified 2006-05-01
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Description Follow the gold's advice, and you may yet survive...

I've loaded the fixed version of the map
Also depending on your comp u might get gnarly lag

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like most others, the lag hit. i got through half the lvl, but too laggy. good placement of enemies though.


no lag for me...but long load time...interesting usage of lasers and doors...really makes progress slow...but overall...its really not hard...

you should have become a pro mapper before trying to make a level for a pro player...otherwise you end up with this...lagging, long...annoying...etc...


depending on your comp u might get some major lag on this lvl, i made it awhile back to challenge a friend of mine who's a pro
But I got some mad wicked lag on this map.
Didnt bother to finish.