Howl's floating lumpy thing- 2 disc edition

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Author formica
Tags author:formica playable race rated
Created 2006-04-25
Last Modified 2006-04-25
by 30 people.
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Description Another 'b-side' collectable from the LA3^3 levelpack... Similar style and look to the level found in the pack on the (currently down) forums, but going around the central structure in a different direction.


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i like the idea, but the only reason this is so high is because everyone loves you.


Ya wanna see

The worst demo ever?
I had to start over a couple times...
Demo Data


5/5, donĀ“t ask me why...........


I'm addicted.
Demo Data
an all gold demo
Demo Data

Speed demo

Demo Data

All gold

Demo Data


The majority loves it.
And I'm just the minority.

I don't hate you,

nor think you're crazy, but on the off chance you come onto this map again, I have to ask...

What do you mean slowly dodging mines and not being challanged? The point is to try to go quickly, hence this being a 'race' map... If you go quickly, it's a lot more difficult, but it sorta defies the genre a bit to intentionally go slowly because it's easier and, as you said, more boring...

... or maybe I'm misunderstanding you entirely...

And, also, whereabouts did you find there was a flow disruptment? I might be able to edit it out, if you'd prefer...
But I didn't like it. And don't player hate on me, remember everyone has their opinions. Anyways, just in case you're wondering what simply couldn't I like was,
A) Gameplay wasn't really anything special.
B) I felt bored slowly dodging mines and not being challenged.
C) There was just a slight flow disruptment that ruined the flow when you got used to it.

But all in all, it was okay. Tileset was nice, but that's all I though there was in here.

Hurry on your next map!

Alot Quicker

... oh, yeah and 5/5
Demo Data

Little quicker

Demo Data

Fastest demo so far

546 frames.

Awsome map. 5/5 faved
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I agree, anything Miyazaki is amazing.

Loved the Movie

Miyazaki rocks!

An amazing map....

and not penis...yess....


That's all there is to say... 5/5

somewhat shaky

it was my first time.

Demo Data


'Tis a really, really bad injoke... but I wanted to pay tribute to the film in the levelpack, so I called it that.

This is the '2 disc special edition', on account of the way that you move in a different direction around the central structure as in the original map.
only with lunpy thing?

Good level

And great tileset

Uhh, formica

What did you have on your mind when you made this map? Seriously.


5 out of 5.


It's one of those guys with elephantitus eh?