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Author Barracoota
Tags author:barracoota dda rated
Created 2006-04-13
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description this is my first small space dda hope it's ok.

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Nice and compact

I really like its simplicity. It think the launchpads are just fine. Fun to watch.


It's not bad, but I agree with et890; you need less launchpads. Otherwise it's very nice.


Nice. So precise, the guy gets by the rockets by like one pixel every time...


could really use less launchpads

but 4/5


I made one like this (Microrganism) but mine had eight rockets. This is really cool though.


sorry...i thought that this was your 1st dda altogether. I didn't read the small space part...but still 5/5

-Mr. Mongoose
much about dda and how people rate them but i assume for a first dda this is actually pretty cool (but you used a few to many bounce pads). for a first dda...5/5

-Mr. Mongoose