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Author pyroman28
Tags author:pyroman28 dda rated
Created 2006-04-03
Last Modified 2006-04-03
by 29 people.
Map Data

Description hold left DDA the tileset was made by 9_4_0_0_
i like this one alot it has good speed and close calls and it is a smaller space than most of my other maps but just as long
press 1 before you play

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Over 2000 frames - NO
No Repeating - Yes
Close Calls - Half yes
Good range of propulsion - Yes
Lots of drones that function - YES!
No having to wait for stuff - Yes
No gold delay - NO

Amount of yes's = 4 and a half, so your rating = 4.5


Oh yeah, this is good. Lots of action, fast paced, I like it. 4.5/5...(I very rarely give 5, so don't get down about it)


I love it! The action is huge, the gold delay is timed just right and there is not too much of it, and the thumps add a nice touch.


another great DDA from you. You're a really good author


nvm, i got it

5/5 nice job
It didn't work for me untill i pressed 1. Try that.


i keep getting killed

looks like a psp

i cant

get it to work, ive tried w/ the one w/o dunno what im doing wrong

Simply incredible!

I love this level! Definitely going into my faves, 5/5 ninjas! Keep making DDA's this good and you will be famous!