This Is How We Do It!

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2006-04-02
Last Modified 2006-11-08
by 81 people.
Map Data

Description Aye. This map had the assistance of Clovic, who randomly placed thwumps on the map. I built a level around it.

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my skill level will only permit me an AGD -1
Demo Data

In debug mode...

The end is cheatable. You can cheat death through the thwump.

Well, instead of crying over this, I'd like to wish you luck on your life. Hopefully you'll come back and read this some day. If not, do well.


Oh man.

Your leaving is the first one that actually lef tme shocked, stunned and speechless at the same time. Loved your maps, your wit on the forums (of course, that had lots of randomness too), and looked up to you as a role model.

Definitely will miss you. Hope you come back soon, and I'm bashing myself for realising this so late.



Ah wait, I see you've made other maps after that.



this sucks

every1 is leaving
awesome map cant beat it 5/5 faved
leaving us,
and giving to this community probably the best and hardest thwump levels ever created....
*Goes and broods in dark corner*


if he left why is does he continue posting maps?

4/5 at least

@water: wtf is your criteria? this deserves at least a 4/5 regardless of speesh or not, sry to see you go B_T

Not that great

Really. Just because it's his last everyone gives out fives.




do not leave. Despite the fact the most of use want to smash your head with a large brick because of all the time we spent on MTI, I still all enjoy your maps HEAPS. I am one of those people that checks for new maps from you, and i plan on writing an incredibly depressing piece of music to prevent me from throwing the computer out the window. Good on you for having a life.

This is awkward...

I was logged in as my cousin to see if he had made any new, all that heart pouring and whatnot...that was me.
So, that final goodbye...well, now I've continued talking. I should be in bed.
So long BT.
You do realize that, just because your maps are being rated lower, you'll still be recognized, right? I check for new maps of yours regularly, as do so many others I'm sure. You leaving will be a void in all of the lives of the community members. On the other hand, you and only you know what you have to do to make your life the best it can be. And if the N community is not a part of that life, then that is how it should be. Why should we assume you're kidding? Because we're scared, a bit. We don't want to accept that such a huge member of the community is leaving us forever. I, for one, understand, as I've thought of leaving many times. Let me just tell you, though, that you should do what's best for you. Finish college or whatever and be what you want to be, and don't allow us to hold you back, though we want to so bad. Just remember that you'll always be in our hearts and in our memories. Promise you'll come back at least semi-periodically to check in on us, though. It'll feel like you never left. Just don't be stupid and throw a hissy fit like Atramentis and delete all your maps. Also, I'd really like to see you continue making the TRN comics, if you have the time. Again, we'll all miss you.



(1) This is exaclty the kind of experiment/joke B_T would do
(2) He's never cared about ratings/snipers
(3) The description is a little sappy and dramatic, even for B_T
(4) He was on Skype with maximo LV and clovic right when he posted the map, who he got to post sappy comments so it would seem real

Maybe I'm just in denial...


Blue Tetris
Dr. Tetris, PhD
Creator of the Map of the Year
Creator of the most popular webcomic to date
Arch-nemesis of The Daily Llama
A truly wonderful individual
Monument to all those who follow in his footsteps
You will be missed.


does this mean you're leaving metanet as well?

B.T. 4ever

No matter wut happens.


So I went on a rant today about the word beautiful and I never use that word because it would lose it's meaning. I've used it twice in the past 30 days or so, and once was to describe a person and another was to describe a scene I saw in the woods.

The point of the story is, I don't take words for granted, and FAVORITE is a word I don't often use. But you were my favorite author. I'll miss you.


are among the greatest. I'd love to change your mind, but it probably can't be done. I hope you will come back if the sniping problem is ever resolved. It's sad to see you go. Good luck with life. 5.

As for the map, just read LV's comments. I agree completely.


We got off to a bad start on the forums, and I haven't always acted in a way towards you that suggested I wasn't a prick, but despite our differences, I'll miss you, NUMA will miss you, the community will miss you.


Bye :(

Hi er um bye i guess you shouldn't leave :( u dun know me nd im a noob >__< sadly on other kind of forums in not but yeah w/e bout me... i know im not gunna be able to make you stay but you should come back from time to time and randomly post a map that way u don't have to completly leave it's to bad ppl are sniping your maps (why do ppl do that anyway? cuz there maps arn't good enough!) hah! i just burned snipers! ^__^' but yeah still post a map here and there ^____^your map is wonderful! even though i couldn't beet it lol im not good enough yet >____< any way byyyyyeeeeee :(
that one of his maps has 5/5 right now O_o
The first time I died and my computer couldn't take it so it blew up. The second time the same thing happened. The third time happened after it blew up a couple of times after seeing sendy's map. But seriously. YOU? leaving because of sniping?!? YOU!!!??? B.T.?!?!?!? Oh, what is going on? NUMA is going to die after atramentis, maximo, little viking, barabajagal, atob, sendy, formica, nevermore, sweep, you, and all that good stuff leave!!! WWWWWHHHHHYYYYY!?!?!?!???

Oh, and one more thing:

5/5 and favorited, my time to leave is coming soon, I know it.

Thats crazy...

I hate snipers forever. I was about to leave and had my mind set on it. But then a few of the guys told me not to worry and just make maps, ignore the snipers. So I came back and now I dont mind the sniping (so much). I hope you come back like I did. And Im sure you will be missed by many. I know we havent talked or become friends but I wish we did. You sound like a really nice guy and you have made so many fantastic maps. I just cant believe youre leaving Numa. I know how it feels my buddy, I was almost in tears when I was quitting. This is a great place to be and a great place to be part of. Nowadays there are just little kids or stupid idoits that come in, submit the worst maps over and over, and then they snipe you because you told them that there map was garbage. So, Numa is just getting crappier by the second because of all the unwanted users. Arachnid should have it that in order to be part of Numa, you just submit him a test level to see if you qualify to be here. Well, I wouldnt be here, but you can submit one until youre good enough. I learned how to make half decent maps from all of you great mapmakers out there. And Blue_Tetris, you are definatley one that I have been inspired by. I really hope you change your mind. If not, I really hope you have a great life and live it to the fullest!


I can't believe...just...can't believe...anything anymore. I'm gonna break down.

By blue_Tetris.

We will miss you. I really didnt kno you but it makes me sad that someone as talented as you in map making is getting sniped.. It is a shame who ever does it.. Bye bye forever have a good one.

Good luck.

I completely understand your actions. You've made some great maps. It's a shame that part of the NUMA community is in sniper heaven while the rest of us (the sane ones) are left on earth.

Good luck in your journey through life, and come back whenever you feel that you can. We'll be waiting.



sNiping happens to everyone nowadays, nothing directed soley at you.

It's a shame you're leaving.
Good luck with it all.

(Will you still be hanging out in the forums?)



goodbye dude

its a shame to see another great author leave here. i understand why though. i thought the least i could do to show my respect is to bust another demo over your shiznat like i used to back in the day. its all gold too. love ya mate x
Demo Data


No use complaining.
But hell, I'll miss your maps.
I really will.

Peace out, and take it easy.
blue_........ tetris....... leaving........ *has 5 heart attacks at one time* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come back!! (look around at room filled with tears. I played, but never completed your maps!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


It's so funny how you're leaving because the ratings on you map and your ranking. You must like doing this, otherwise you wouldn't. So just make good maps, I had to come to this realization.

Ratings are overrated.


ive been trying to beat your mother thwumping impossible for five years now!!! Its so mother thwumping impossible!!!! Btw that was my 23rd try. 42 try coming up very soon with a lot of swearing.
Thanks a lot, dude. That's a helluva not for me to leave the forums on.
Yeah i recent maps seemed to have been sniped!!! Almost every map in your first 20 is 4.5/5!!! Im outraged!!! Who could have done that!!!! ahem. AS the exodus of numa continues, our great Blue tetris leaves us. Sad to see you go..although your maps are insanely hard to least i tried!
Demo Data

im crying...:(

can't you see the tears :( Who would snipe a legen like blue tetris. ah `well cya in another lifetime bro.


Several of the best authors have left. You can't do this to us! It'll make NUMA even worse! We'll be overrun by noobs! AHHHH!!!!.......Good map though. As I'm bad at N, I can't play much of it, but those thwumps are beatifully used.