The Golden Path

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Author toshosoft
Tags action author:toshosoft bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-03-31
by 11 people.
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Description MAN, I haven`t posted a map here in 5 MONTHS. Anyways, this is a dedication to Lucidium, since he turns 19 today and all.
Happy Birthday Lucidium! w00t.

Now, map description:
I didn`t know whether to put this under Action or Puzzle, but decided Action cuz, in fact, it`s quite actiony :) .
Anyways, don`t expect maps from me very soon, cuz like I said, this map is just for Lucidiums`s birthday.
Try to follow the golden path, and let`s see how fast you can do it :) .
Not insisting on rates, but comments are nice. Speed and all gold demos are nice too.

Have fun with this one :)


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Cheers TS.

I didn't do it all quite properly, but I still picked up all the gold.
Nice map.
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4.5/5 + faved


All-gold demo included.
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