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Author MattTN123
Tags action author:matttn123 bitesized playable rated
Created 2006-03-30
by 28 people.
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Description Hi everyone. My name is Matt, and my friend at NUMA is abmercs. i have played n for a long time but this is my first map i will submit, and it is probably the best of my maps so far. PLEASE rate anc comment.


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really nice map
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Uber slow

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you've actually done really well :-D


nice map
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Is quite a good map, with a good flow, but I feel like a lot of the high rating is due to the level of polish that comes with the simplicity almost automatically. 4 ninjas, and keep at it.

Very nice

This is exactly the sort of map I love. Short, easy, and still very fun to try for speed/AG demos on. 5/5 and fav'd. Good work!

Thank you!

I'm gald you guys liked it so much. I will try to submit another (hopefully) good map today. Thanks for all the comments! :)

Hello Matt

Numa needs more people like you, and more maps like these. Please keep submitting maps. 5/5.


1 frame faster

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faster all gold

A really nice map for a first. It's a relaxing and fun one. grteat work, and hope to see some of your upcoming submissions.
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another Numa prodigy, i hate you make me feel bad.
Anyway 4.5 and +.5 for being a first map. Exquisite.
....Im not british though...*picks up warm tea*


You'll get to know people on NUMA better. Like, if I find a level I like, I'll post A LOT of demos for it. cough cough art of a-void cough cough.

Until I can't beat it.
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By the way.

That last demo was the fastest all gold so far. This one's the fastest in general so far.
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That was really good. Keep working on them. Submit good ones like these. And ONLY submit good ones. Unless it's something you need help on. You know what I mean. We're here to critisize maps to make them better.

The floor guards were perfect. The rocket was in perfect position. It was really simplistic and fun. And great for speed demos. The mines were set up perfectly. Gold was in good places.

AND I loved the tileset. So simple. Like poetry should be.
I'm agreeing with maximo here. 5/5.
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this is astounding

5/5. I love the ballance and it flows very very very well. The enemies are well laid out and ballanced. If I had to guess you had been mapping for a very long time.


simple....etc etc

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Wow. Great.

Nice style and gameplay.

Fastest all gold.

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first try...

its good, but too easy....
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Bit faster...

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Lovely for a first.

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you guys liked it much more then I expected! Thanks!

kinda speedy

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short but sweet

not too hard, but still took me a few tries to get all the gold. i see a lot of potential. keep it up!
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Yea....very sweet

And Welcome to the great life of Numa... This is a very nice map, for the first especially... 4.5/5


Welcome to Numa. For a first submitted map, this was pretty good. It took me a few tries to get that last part. I gave up on All Gold, but I still finished it.
Very nice, by the way. 4/5
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Very nice

I like the simplicity. It reminds me of metanet maps.
This is really fun. Especially for your first map.