transitor 2 - no failure

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Author stig1
Tags author:stig1 playable race rated
Created 2006-03-05
by 5 people.
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Description Heres the sequel, VERY similar to the first one ( ) Comments and demos please, thanks!

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Just to say...

check out


Theres a tutorial somewhere on the forums, go to general then scroll down
how to make teleporters

in response to tl

1. sorry lol
2. how?
3. sorry lol
4. what do you mean?

Rubbish demo

alright map. I agree with the stuff tl says. Good use of teleporters.
Demo Data

this map

isn't bad, but some polishement wouldn't hurt it.
-don't cluster launchpads
-avoid doors perpendicular to each other
-do something with that empty space
-try to use one unique style


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