Mini Improbability Drive

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Author topspin92435
Tags author:topspin92435 dda rated
Created 2006-03-03
by 19 people.
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Description This is an entry to the mini map contest. Well I didn't think this could be done but here it is. The hardest part of the whole thing was to get the guy to go through the first part twice. Anyway have fun and plz rate ; 0

the original is at

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trying to snipe!

really, just, not as good as the others. (they ***** too, though. and your actions are @#$%.
and *ruumble* a bou- *burp* the ma--a----a---*blechblehblakhbloch* ooh...3 (actual= 2.6, now to think of it, 2, and a.c. of 1.7)
pointless. but great map. 3.5


BY THE WAY 77 here is an example of yorue dda's

fun and cool,



It IS a hold right!

weird. Is it like a hold right or something??
Demo Data

and I know

It isn't as good as the original but then again what is?? It is however a lot harder to transfer a dda to mini than it is to transer an action or survivsl. By the way thanks for giving it a nice ratting, a 4 is just about what it desirved. Maby a 4.5 on ly next converssion

i though that

it would be asumed that it was a hold right dda saygin that the original was


nice nice

and 77ball no crap it has gold delay do u see how small it is

now i understand!!

you didnt say that it was a hold right dda


much gold delay

Not bad,

But not as good as the original. I liked how you condensed it though. 4