Nooks, Crannies, etc.

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Author theninjagame
Tags action author:theninjagame playable rated
Created 2006-02-06
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description I felt pretty limited by the one enemy thing at one point, but managed to pull through without adding another laser drone. For the one-enemy contest, found here:

Well, don't die. All gold is no harder than completion. Any glitches? Tell me.

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this next one should be better then my others, but who knows, its up to you to judge.
good map also

If you think

that I'm multi-accounting, try looking at some of my other maps- there's some 3.5s and many 4s, I only have two maps with a 4.5/5.

Check your facts next time.


I put this up and went to bed. Otherwise I would have responded to your comments earlier. No way did I think this would be top rated- I'm proud that it did, but there was no cheating here. Just a lucky map, I guess.


Cute idea, but it was kinda... ...

Very cute idea though.
Demo Data
The laser sees through the tiles, but not enough to affect gameplay.
Demo Data

400 frames faster

Demo Data


For having only one enemy, this definitely was a great map. 5/5 and faved.

Woot! First completion!
Demo Data

A here

It was enjoyable.. Though it was kind of empty

Yeah true.

Well I'm gonna keep an eye on his next map.


with one vote it sinks from 5/5 to 4/5. Hmmm.


It could mean three things given the rating of this map

A. 3-4 people clicked this map at the same time and played it for a full three minutes and then loved it giving it 5's

B. 3-4 people randomly gave this map a 5 for no apparent reason

C. The same person gave this map a 5

I'm not going accusing anyone of anything though


thank god someone rated it down... I mean It wasn't that purely good was it??


How the hell... 5 ninja's thats not even possible is it?? I've only seen 2 lvls with 5 ninja's rating... Nice man nice


How do you report someone for alternate accounts?

Very Fun

I can't get all gold, as I can say, I'm not good at all... with these types of lvls... Very nice though 4.5/5


How do you only need 1 more vote and it hasn't even been 3 minutes?