Wheel of Death

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Author Crosswind
Tags author:crosswind playable race rated
Created 2006-01-30
by 6 people.
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Description A level that came to me little by little. I wanted to make a circle in the middle and I wanted ninja to run around it several times so it took a couple of days. PLEASE RATE!, I'm new to N and I like making levels.


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like it

very fun, keep up the good work

like it

very fun, keep up the good work


Race/DDA im not saying its a bad idea but here its pathetic sry 1.5

yeah man

those "bad DDAish launch pad bits screwed up what would have been a pretty solid map. I especially like the idea you had of making the one circle in the middle that he goes around multiple times...

I wondered

when you would submit this map...
Pretty good, but could be improved...


the launchpads totally messed the map up. don't use them in race maps, they take the flow out of it.


Just don't move on the mine/bumper parts.
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