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Thanks tk

And people wonder why we see comments as more valuable than ratings..

This was originally a back-and-forth action map, but the first dodge was the only real exciting one.
I think it's better as a survival.

No-jump demo...

One of the very few great survival maps in existence, in my opinion.
Demo Data


No jumping demo.
But no gold either.
Demo Data


ignor him he cant spel,

Ok then.

Thanks for giving it a 0.


Wasent very good......


You didn't notice that my demo is 300 frames longer?


think thats as good as it gets =P
Demo Data


I didn't see your demo.

And please state your score.
The math isn't hard :P
My score: 163

And please don't lie about your scores.
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i think you could continue my pattern, but then i got greedy
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