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Author Ghontti
Tags action author:ghontti playable rated
Created 2006-01-24
Last Modified 2006-01-24
by 6 people.
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Description This is factory where is created all gold and mines that are in N. Those are packed in boxes for transport. Some boxes are open so you may get gold or get exploded.
This is my first map, so please rate, add comments and send demos!


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Not completion

I echo atob's comment, congratulations, not many newbies are at this standard when they first begin. A few improvements to be made, but overall a very nice map. Keep it up.
Demo Data
Firstly te theme: Brilliant. A little messy, but overal it has quite a bit of atmosphere. The industrial setting was hightened by your use of cargo boxes carrying gold, fantastic idea, wish I'd thought of that ;p

The unlocking sections/locking enemies trick was done here nicely. You never had too much happening as to spike the difficulty curve at any point.

I especially liked the locking of the gold cache toward the end, although I think this could have been done with one switch to make it a proper trap.

Some of this was a little messy though: The maze at the end, I wasn't a fan of, and the guass launch pad part just seemed to add to lag. The Gold was a little too dense in places too.

Overal a great first map. looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

Welcome to NUMA.


Good job to be your first map!!
I give it 4\5

I agree

Way too many objets. There were 7 and a half "lines" of loading objects... that's too much. I like the idea, tho, and it looks good. You could even submit it as N-Art. However, playablily sucks when you die and have to wait for so many usless items to load. 3/5


ok for ur first map but their was too much gold and it was very clutterd which increased lag.
still 3/5 for your first go