Spinnin 'round the fire v2

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Author turtles
Tags author:turtles playable race unrated
Created 2023-08-24
Last Modified 2023-08-24
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Description 17 years later. Edit to map 23075, which was okay, but was clearly missing something.

I might make a v3 and delist this.

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Thanks for the demo! Not sure why the gauss hated you when it seems to ignore me in my demo. I feel like my lag might benefit me? Not sure how that stuff works.
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did almost the whole thing fbf and ended up going too fast =[
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Brief thoughts

I preferred the extra gold, but it took a long time to load, and less gold made loading faster. I preferred having less regular doors, but as lag got better, the enemies got faster. Hopefully it's not too tricky with better computers.

The jump pads are all gone, and the tileset looks cleaner. Some jumps that required a bit more luck or left me stuck have been edited to be easier for me.