49-3 my brain is deteriorating

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Author Vanquish
Tags 49-3 author:vanquish cryptic freedom observeclue rated series
Created 2022-10-31
Last Modified 2022-10-31
by 7 people.
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another stinky map haha >:(
juuuust ONE more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'll give this a 3.5, rounded up. It felt a bit awkward to play, and I wasn't a big fan of that gap on the final golden letter. Aesthetically, I'm getting Yahoozy vibes. I think this was the only run I could get where I managed to get past the drone without being completely blockaded. Good luck to anyone who tries to beat it.
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7 years in the making. nice.

hang on there bud

great map, the kind of stress that I like

super cool map

love it

very cool! one more I can't believe it, it's been a long time


i love how jagged the tiles are! although im detecting some sort of subliminal message hidden within them...
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cool stuff. thanks for posting right before my bedtime!
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this map has been sitting in my userlevels.txt for a VERY long time.