dee dub yuh

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Author Arona_Daal
Tags action author:arona_daal dedication dw40 playable rated sorry
Created 2022-04-29
Last Modified 2022-04-29
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description a dance with two drones -- dedicated to DW40 [] for their awesome maps

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I really like the placement and angles of everything on this one. I haven't been able to beat it yet, but I really like the layout here. Well done ♦


NUMA still exists. A sentimental tear of emotion slowly rolls down my cheek :')

Great map!!!

i like your drones

Yo thanks, you're awesome. Great tiles. I felt like i kept getting unlucky with the drones. ska's agd is cool


pretty clean run here, ngl.
Demo Data


my agd route here, room for some improvements
Demo Data


great dynamics in this one

The gameplay of jump maps like this isn't to my taste, but something about the design of this is really cool. I really like your use of space.