bowl of flies

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Author blacklef
Tags author:blacklef dunno rated
Created 2020-06-23
Last Modified 2020-06-23
by 5 people.
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Description a map by Blacklef.

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I swear to JC

those two diamond rings in the middle arent titties pls believe me lul

well played.

a demo says a thousand words
Demo Data
glad to see you back! hyteriux already said it perfectly. such a tense map.
it requires you to make a lot of careful yet quick maneuvers that need intense mental focus because one slip will send you into a mine or back to the bottom. I get the same thrill from making a jump in this map as i would when i grab a ledge or rock and shift my weight to it while rock climbing, knowing if my hand or foot slips i'll be punished by gravity. it makes this map really fun and challenging as your biggest obstacle isn't the gauss' or the mines but the tileset itself. It makes every move more important than the last and the further you ascend the riskier it feels

great map 5