Leisure in The Park

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Author IodineEnvy
Tags author:iodineenvy ie unrated
Created 2020-05-09
Last Modified 2020-05-09
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Description Only my second map since being 'back'. Figured i could do something a little more laid back. Let me know what you think.

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almost made it lol

I love the structure and the look. most of the enemies were very effective, especially the double gauss in the exit room. however, some enemies didn't do anything, like the first chaingun or the floorguard on the right. I think this could be really awesome with some minor polishing
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good adventure map, i liked the bottom and the exit door sections. the first chain gun felt useless but i think the second was placed well. there are so few of us left its good to see an old mapper somewhat active.
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Fun map. I like the use of open spaces and the seamless transition between chaingun and gauss turret areas. Mines are spread out enough not to hinder the play flow.

That said, chainguns were a bit ineffective, specially compared to turrets.

By the way, I think there might be a misplaced mine to the top left (outside map borders).